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Rabu, 6 Julai 2011


Are Champions.
Champions are givers.
Champions are flexible.
Champions take chances.
Champions don't give up.
Champions listen and learn.
Champions are eager to win.
Champions are self-motivated.
Champions make commitments.
Champions are positive thinkers.
Champions see good in all things.
Champions do without being told.
Champions know they are not perfect.
Champions fall, but they don't stay down.
Champions refuse to let fear control them.
Champions hang in until the going gets better,
when life gets rough, tough and unreasonable.
Champions get started every day on their own.
Champions realize there is more than one way
and they are willing to try many other ways.
Champions' behavior is not always on the outside.
Champions are like everyone else, they fear failing.
Champions make the extraordinary from the ordinary.
Champions get people involved who want to be involved.
Champions believe the path they have chosen even when it's hard,
even when other can't see where they are going, they can.
Champions don't wait for the world to push them in the right direction.
Champions stubbornly refuse to let a fall keep them from getting back up.
Champions refuse to let others' word and action affect their attitude.
Champions don't always win, but they always keep a winning attitude.
Champions respect their weaknesses while making the absolute most of
all their strengths.
Champions are people like you. They make this world a much better place to be.

Jan Ruhe, Master of MLM.

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